About Simba



To become one of the most successful companies in East Africa & a respected name across Africa



As an indigenous company with access to the right opportunities, a strong management team, ability to attract capital and a proven track record of success we aim to provide East Africans with world class products and services and to improve the communities in which we operate.



Ubuntu: I am because you are. You are because I am.

At Simba Group, we believe the key to reducing poverty in Africa is through a combination of indigenous and international private sector led development. Governments and civil societies have a critical role to play in making sure that then right environment exists for the private sector to take off but no country has developed its way out of poverty through the aid.

We believe that the power of the private sector is to attract and allocate capital and resources to archieve desired outcomes and that by doing this well we are doing good for the community.

In exchange, our communities support us to grow further. Ubuntu.



  • Integrity always: Great sustainable business starts with great ethics. At Simba we do not trade off integrity for personal or professional gain EVER.
  • Customer centric: every decision we make. We know that success depends on selling the customer what they want, at the right price at the right time with the right level of service.
  • Knowledge is power: Effective decisions are made by obtaining and analysing data and training our staff to be the best. Market, customer, competitor, and organizational knowledge is pivotal to our sustainable business growth
  • Drive value: We stay razor focused on the bottom line and always adding value to the business
  • Get things done now: Our competitors and customers are rapidly evolving. We stay ahead of the game by being a nimble, efficient decision-making organization.
  • Commitment to excellence: We aspire not to be good, but instead to set the standard in all aspects of our businesses from airtime distribution to commercial farming to offering inspiring employment opportunities.
  • One Simba: One team, from our retail business to our property management company, from the Chairman to
    our new power plant mechanic – our individual employees score the goals, but as Team Simba we win championships collectively.



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